I’m not dead! (Just dancing)

Hello again! Missed me? Someone?… Anyone? Well, I guess I can’t see any raised hands just sitting in front of the screen. ^^’

Anyway. Yes, I know I’ve been absent for almost half a year, but that is because my inspiration took an early vacation and also (to be more sincere) I had nothing important/new/funny/interesting to write about. I am not finding excuses, this is how it is. I really missed scribbling around, putting my ideas and little monsters in some place more palpable than my mind (which has been, for some time, somehow-out-of-its-place), but I believe that some things are not meant to be put out there for all to see, especially when the only one who must deal with them is… Me.

Next stop: Bragging.

I finally got my driver’s licence! ūüėÄ Of course, this happened more than one month ago, but I don’t care how late I am with the news, if it’s good then it’s better to be told later than never. It was a real¬†struggle because I kept failing and¬†every time¬†I saw “Rejected” written on the examination paper my self-esteem went lower and lower. But I didn’t give up hope and, as you can see, I finally passed that bloody¬†examination. I don’t know if what helped me succeed was my ambition, the fact that I matured a bit more, listening to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on my way to examination, the constant nagging advice from a friend to keep going, or… a little help from above? Or maybe all combined. Now all I need is money => car => pedestrians-and-motionless-objects-beware! Meanwhile, if you ever need a driver to bring you home from whatever party you attended and you’re too drunk/tired to drive yourself, gimme a call. B-)

Another thing that I’m happy about is the dancing and language classes I took this August. It was during a project called “Let’s Speak… Dance!” (c) AIESEC Bucharest and I swear I had the most wonderful time this summer! I got to learn about the language and culture of Egypt (actually called Masr), China and Russia from natives who also¬†taught us how to dance their traditional dances. Hear my word, what you see on TV is bull****! I was pretty skeptical at the beginning, but then I¬†managed to forget about the¬†cliches and let myself be drawn into each culture’s spirit.

I can’t say that just one culture is my favorite, since all three of them had at least one thing that impressed me. For Egypt was, of course, the traditional dance –¬†belly dancing¬†‚̧ combined with traditional (or rural) type of dancing. It was fun, it put me in touch with my somehow-dormant feminine side and it made me realize that people should dance more to connect with each other; but not as they dance in the club listening to the same words and beats, no, they have to return to the time when dancing was a way of speaking with your whole body, when each had his own “language” and gave it’s best to be “heard”, when people danced together to form bonds not in exclusive groups to form gangs. I also found out that Arabic language is more complex and slightly easier to learn than I thought it was and that each Arabic-origin¬†country¬†has its own dialect (Egypt makes no exception).

In the Chinese classes I had fun scribbling my name in Chinese characters and twisting my tongue in impossible ways in order to pronounce both the sounds and the accents as correctly as possible. In the end, I’m happy that I can at least say “hello” and “I love you” (d’ooh!) and “I’m happy”. I still can’t count to 10 (What?! I bet even a¬†kinder-gardener¬†can do that!). The dancing part… well, I came to the conclusion that the simplest moves are far more complicated than they seem to be. Really, pretending to be a willow in the spring wind needs as much discipline and concentration as you need to do that tiger-jump from Karate Kid! Thankfully, in the end all went well.

Finally, Mother Russia! As I expected, the Russian culture resembles the Romanian one and at the same time it is unique and fascinating. I now understand how they managed to warm up in those cold harsh Russian winters; no, not only by drinking vodka, but mainly by dancing! That’s right. One hour of dancing what are considered to be easy steps and you end up sweating as if you’ve been running the Marathon. Most of the steps consist in jumping, stamping, twisting, kicking, then there comes a slower part, the jump-stamp-twist-kick again and again and… phew! Who the hell needs vodka? After all, the Russian motto is: you work hard all year, so when you party, party harder!

I was really sad when it was over, I wished there were more classes and we would spend more time with the trainers to socialize and find out about their cultures. But it was wonderful as it was, I don’t regret clicking the “Apply” button. Thank you all! My wish now is to visit at least one if not all of the three countries.

So, can someone learn four languages in one month? Hell yes! Wait… why four, you may ask. Well, it’s because one of my German exams didn’t turn out well last semester and at the moment I’m¬†buried¬†in notes and¬†tables. >.>