That feeling of a feeling

Inevitably, that time has come. It was lurking  around for a time, watching every move, every blink, every twitch of a finger, waiting for the moment. And then it struck, no remorse.

The hollow from within started… feeling. It feels its own emptiness that has been consuming it all along. It didn’t bothered until now, but it started behaving like a stomach which has been left empty for too long. It growls, it twists and turns, screams as it drowns in the acid of so many unspoken words and unshared feelings.

And it’s not alone in its feeling, but definitely lonely. Drops of poisonous tastes and disturbing hints of fragrances gather hour by hour, moment by moment, thought by thought, flooding and suffocating what was up until recently only a hollow space. The new feeling is overwhelming and, like the screams in a bad dream, it has no audience, no rescue but the inner self – the weak and cowardly inner self.