Lily of the valley

I could see the bright almost full Moon through the dusty windows. I was staring blankly at it, thinking of nothing in particular until I forgot for a moment who and where I am. You interrupted my moment of absent meditation by tracing the contour of my hips, lifting my shirt a bit, but just enough for the warmth of your hands to bring me back to reality. I turned my head – you smiled. I like that.

You asked me what made me lose myself in deep thought. Am I that obvious or did you just guess? Nevermind, I am glad you were there to keep me safe from… what, bedbugs? Or maybe my own negligence. I turned back towards you like a lazy cat (ugh, I don’t really like cats, but I can’t help it when you know how to make me purr) and touched your cheek. You still had your smile on, so I couldn’t help not telling you how dumb you look. This time you really laughed. I just insulted you and you laugh. And I thought I was the weird one…

You pulled me closer and told me my weirdness is adorable. That’s it, I declare you insane. You have to be, otherwise you would have run at the first sign of me getting familiar and closing the distance. I finally opened my heart, you opened your eyes and you weren’t scared a bit of what you have found. You must have some sick fetish to embrace something so dysfunctional and repulsing. I was terrified, but you held my hand and told me everything is alright.  Poor fellow, you should be made a saint, for you will often be a martyr in this act we play.

You got closer and closer, until your lips embraced mine; your hand made its way up my sleeve that barely covered my tensed shoulder. I couldn’t imagine in a million years that the defense wall of a cold castle would ever be passed and the latter warmed and resurrected. I even had a pet dragon, but you’ve tamed that too. Unacceptable. Yet, here I am, without my defenses but still feeling protected. I’m growing strong and blooming for you to enjoy every part of it.

I forgot about the Moon. I close my eyes and sharpened my senses. I feel warm, I hear the growing rhythm of our breaths, I can smell the lily-of-the-valley bouquet from across the room that you brought me this afternoon, I can taste your dumb smile. Everything else is darkness and dust.

When I woke up in the morning, all that was left beside me were an empty sheet and the smell of coffee.