To those ones and the others

learn to appreciate

Giving some recent events, I was persuaded by some inner force to think about and consider the people and what happens around me. I will make this short, I’m too afraid to lose the thoughts.

I am grateful. For meeting the ones that made me happy, gave me courage, and the ones who condescended and excluded me. I had a lot to learn from both of them.

Thank you, you who were there for me even though you weren’t physically there. The one who held my back when I was such a fool to think I didn’t need it. Thank you for the good times.

Thank you, you who the others see for what you are not. The one who keeps a promise, creates, inspires, dreams in full colour and holds the head and dignity high no matter what.

Thank you, you whose words resonate with what I never have the courage to say. The one who can read underneath a closed cover. The one who understands the language of beauty in all its forms. The ambitious one, the one who follows the path and never looks back unless it brings back love, laugh and tears of joy.

And thank YOU, you who put up with a lot of storms and rain. The one who was there from afar. The one whose moral slaps in the face were (and are still) welcomed rather than the others’ poisonous sweet words. The one who talked for hours and listened for days. The one who both disappointed and then gave hope again. ┬áThe rational and spiritual who inspires fear and safety. The mature child. The one from whom I learned and who never learned from me. The one who desperately runs away and who I stubbornly hold close.

And thank you, the others who looked from above, threw the stone, turned the back, said I waste my time, said I waste my life, say I am too cold, too sarcastic, too fat, too ugly, too common, too quiet and not good enough. I learned to spot you early and keep my distance.