People who…

…whine and cry and feel bad about themselves – and yet do nothing to change things for the better. They condemn and despise the one who lives his life as one of an age should: with few money but with lots of friends, people to talk with, people to learn from and new experiences. People who have it all but value nothing, versus people who basically have nothing but value all what they receive.

…are there. They listen. They sometimes even share. They understand, they know even though they are not there or if you haven’t spoken to in weeks, months. They are your real treasure, not the ones you see and speak with daily about sweet nothings.

…you love and miss. They might not return the feelings, but it’s something enough for you to feel human.

But there is still something missing. Safety? Perhaps. And there is that empty place that, the way things have gone until present, it will definitely stay like that forever; because some things are simply not meant for everyone. Accept it and be pleased with the rest or go mad obsessing about it.


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