Someone to talk to

I happened to stumble upon these words-on-image just after I had such a day – the kind of day you wish to sit back and relax, have a cup of tea and a good conversation with someone. And trust me, there is nothing more inspiring than the right conversation at the right moment.

You will have conversations with almost every person you meet, but not all will be useful. There are people who do nothing more than whine and feel bad about themselves. They stay wherever some authority puts them, too afraid to say out loud what they really want, if they want something. Sometimes they don’t even know what they want and continue with more whining and resenting. If you happen to find them, accept them. If they want to change, help them… be patient. If they don’t, leave. These people are toxic and their negative energy will slowly take hold of you, whether you’ll notice or not. Leave and don’t look back unless something has changed into the better. If you look back, you are lost.

Stay close to people with dreams that can come true, people who try, people who take one step at a time but never give up, people with talents and vision, someone who can inspire you and from whom you can learn. Someone to keep you going. Someone you will be happy to share success and defeat, someone you will be happy to be by his side and help carry on with his or her dreams.

Remember that the right conversation with the right person can trigger unlimited ideas. Listen and learn from everyone, but more important listen to the one you look up to. That someone who shares your principles even though he or she does not share your dream. Look up to the one who hurts you for your own good, not to the one who hurts you for his own pleasure. Listen to the first and “detox” yourself from the other.

Talk to someone and bloom. Remember that that someone might be also blooming in the meantime.


2 thoughts on “Someone to talk to

  1. shiroiraven says:

    this is psychololicious!:)

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