Maybe next time

…there will be no such thing as tense and disturbing atmosphere. Maybe next time there will be lights and warmth and happy thoughts.

Maybe the room will be full and there will not be any free places at the table. The conversation will be light, proper and enjoyable. The food will have no time to get cold and all that means alcohol will take the whole day to be finished.

Maybe those sitting at the table will have the most respect for each other, as friends. They will talk in soft voices, whatever is on TV will be set at background volume, a classical concert or a good film.

Maybe there will be no trace of hatred, disrespect, childishness, materialistic thoughts, only peace and acceptance. Everyone will be thankful, everyone will celebrate.

And maybe there will be someone worth it all, someone to whom she can look up, relate to, talk to, laugh and be thankful with, eat and drink with, run to. Someone she can respect and cherish. And someone who can make her forget how whiny, bitchy, ridiculous, annoying, ugly and disgraceful she is. Someone worth the process of self-polishing, killing the frighten immature little girl within and bringing to light that gem lost somewhere in a corner.

But maybe next time.


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