Quiet riot

Today is the day I came to the conclusion that sleep is more expensive and vital than gold, water or even air. It is a thing that, when most desired and craved, it simply doesn’t and CAN’T embrace you – something and especially someone always insists on standing in its way. What started out as a good idea, ended up a living nightmare for my nerves and mental sanity. It simply went like this:

2:00 PM – comes home from University

– cooks yummy healthy meal, watches an episode of Lie To Me

– *yaaawn* “I’ll just take a nap for 2 hours to charge my batteries” ^_^

– room-mate comes home, starts talking at the phone, then starts laughing like a psycho

– tosses&turns&turns&tosses in bed

– mom calls *an uncontrollable rapid stream of words* ‘I just sent you some money! (thnx mom…) How was school today? (mkay…) My day at work was so crappy! (…) Oh, the dog was a bit sick last night and now he’s sooo sad! (mhm, poor him…) I’m going out tomorrow to celebrate 1st of March with my friends! (yay… -_-) Did you have lunch yet? (myeah…) How the weather there? (fine…) Okay, bye!!! *blows kisses through the phone* (Zzz…)’

– a short moment of peace&quiet

– room-mate starts laughing again -_-

– Cosmote sends a notification message

– more tossing and turning

– mom calls again ‘Oh, I forgot to ask you: did you buy that newspaper, with the book? (yes…) Cause I was passing by the store and saw it and thought that… (I BOUGHT IT! -_-) Okay, byyyee!!! *blows more kisses through the phone* (Zzz…)

– room-mate still laughing *ignores* somewhat falls asleep

– colleague calls ‘HI! Why aren’t you at Uni? Where are you?’ ‘I’m home. The professor is not coming, no lecture today.’ ‘Oh-Ma-Gaa! Really!? And I made all this effort to come here for nothing?’ ‘Yep…’ ‘Argh, I’m going home. See ya tomorrow!’ *facepalm*

6:00 PM – oh, what the hell… -_-


I know now how THIS feels like.


Season of the Sun

Before getting to the subject: Happy New Year! (one month and 14 days late… but better than never)


Have you noticed that this year some bands and singers chose to use the Sun (symbolically speaking) as a subject of their work and inspiration?

First, there’s Placebo (finally alive!). The song below is also the name of the album:

Then, Linkin Park. The name of the album (A Thousand Suns) is mentioned in the lyrics:

Third, Shakira reminds us that the Sun comes up when we least expect. I need to specify that I consider this her best work (video and song) since the release of  Oral Fixation/Fijación oral albums:

And, last but not least, our successfully exported (lip)singing [pun intended] bimbo music revelation, Inna:

So, what is it with you people? Maybe the need for optimism floats in the air and we just have to hear it, smell it, lift our hands and grab it. Has the Sun taken the place of the Moon when it comes to inspiration? Or maybe it is just a coincidence, rather than marketing strategy. Or, who knows, the Illuminati together with Lady GaGa are trying to brainwash us into thinking that we must turn back to the days when people worshipped the Sun. Or, probably, I should go to bed because it’s late and I’m talking nonsense. Tschuss!