It’s been a while…

…since I last whined and wrote a few words about anything that happened lately. Yes, I’ve been lazy and sometimes even forgot about it, but hey! my summer vacation just ended.

Actually, I couldn’t find anything interesting to write about, although those two trips I took this summer, one in Vienna and the other in Edinburgh, left me with a very good impression. I will briefly say that the latter one was more fun because Vienna may have a lot of cultural based attractions, but people in Scotland are friendlier, I had more time to explore the city and “feed” my shopping/food-tasting addiction. I also felt very at home there and, as I write this, I still feel like going back.

Buuut more important, I am officially a SOPHOMORE! Or, I’d rather say, a “suffer-more” because I simply guess that this year will be filled with lots of extra activities beside the usual lectures and seminars. This year’s resolution: be as LESS sloppy as possible! Period.

I’ll stop here for now. The weather outside is horrible and gloomy, it is cold and one of my neighbours just had the wonderful idea of drilling holes and beating nails in hell-knows-what. This is a book-reading kind of weather, you noisy¬†screw-ball!