Things I learned since being home away from home

Nearly 10 months have passed since I left home and came to “the big city” to study at the University. It seems a lot of time has passed – and it really did – but here I am now writing about it and feeling like it were only 2 or 3 weeks since the first day. Indeed, living these 10 months was like being in Time’s roller-coaster of emotions and events. I actually can’t recall how it is to be back home, taken care of, pampered by my mum, sometimes arguing with her (old-teenage issues -_-) and not caring about anything but what concerns my well-being. Leaving the “paradise” appealed exciting and scary at the same time; and yes, it was hard to change my way of living, but I guess I learned how to survive and cope with the young-adult-left-on-his-own lifestyle.

Here are some “major discoveries” that I made while living on my own, and I guess that many of you find yourselves in one or two of them:

  1. Despite my prejudices, living in a big city is better than in a small town like the one I come from. More to do, more places to go visit, lots of different people (that means I can dress and act like a freak, no one will complain about it, they’re used to this).
  2. I learned that “near” or “right next block” can mean 2-3 kilometres; also, “Carrefour ahead –> 5 min” means 5 minutes by car, but can also mean a good exercise and space orientation practice.
  3. Important institutions can have buildings that look old and crooked enough to be put to demolition and be mistaken to a sanatorium.
  4. Fancy buildings are always placed near freaky, dirty, dangerous and unguarded perimeters.
  5. Lifts, subway access cards, mall main entrances, stop signs and front doors have their own personalities.
  6. Public transport is your worst enemy, especially if you’re late.
  7. “Car” means also “bus”. You don’t take the bus, you take the “car”. It makes you think less that you use public transport and think more that you have a big car with a personal driver.
  8. Salespersons and clerks can be nice and say “thank you” even when you only buy a bottle of water.
  9. Universities not as scary as you thought. But their secretaries are…
  10. Some faculty professors are even scarier than what point 9 mentions.
  11. There are four kinds of people attending your common lectures: nerds with better-than-you attitudes, people that chose the faculty because they thought it’s the easiest, the eternal-in-love-stay-together couples and, last but not least, those crazy bastards you love spending time and laughing with.
  12. Good professors leave you good impressions. Bad professors follow you until the 3rd year.
  13. The exam sessions is the best way to lose weight.
  14. McDonald’s/KFC tastes good.
  15. McDonald’s/KFC tastes better than in point 14 if you have a good (gossip) conversation with your friends while eating it.
  16. McDonald’s/KFC tastes like mommy’s home-cooking when you’re sure it’s all you can eat that day as main meal.
  17. No coffee, no brain.
  18. Everything you cook is the best tasteless food you’ve had since you started living on your own.
  19. Money is never enough and it’s never there on time when bills come knocking at your door.
  20. Lazy, carefree, useless room-mates are the main motive not to stay too much at home during the day.
  21. Facebook is the best meeting place for you and your friends when you can’t afford to go out.
  22. Waking up at 6 o’clock almost every morning to go to school can turn into not being able to wake up later than 8 o’clock every morning even if you go to bed at 2 AM.
  23. Everything can be learned within 2 days before the exam, except Main Concepts of Critical Theory or Generative Grammar. That you can NEVER learn!
  24. The Devil has a name and he’s the Dean of your faculty. He also has a god which he praises and constantly talks about his theories.
  25. You can write a best-seller just by inspiring yourself from what’s written on the desks or bathroom walls.
  26. Sweetheart, lav, kiddies, ţuşchi, dâs, mesăţ, bungalău, “puffs, patches, powders, bibles, bille-doux”, Hello Kitty, fuc*k Wikipedia, fatăăă!, duuude!, şi? sunteţi pregătiţi de curs/seminar?, avem aici ediţia bilingvă…, shut up! I hear voices!, expose yourselves to German.
  27. I’ve learned to play the nice girl even though the one in front of me is a complete idiot.
  28. I’ve learned that all those who a year ago were swearing they won’t forget you now pass by like strangers.
  29. Going to a movie with your buddies before a major exam is the best way not to go mad… alone.
  30. Most people think about going to university as going to a boyfriend/girlfriend/fu*ckfriend market.
  31. Most people who don’t think as in point 30 and really want to do something useful with their lives are also your best buddies.
  32. Having a silly, dramatic, “Blitzkrieg”-like arguing with your best friend can lead to a closer and harmonious relationship.
  33. Turning 20 feels old. Having friends telling you that you’re getting old is the best motivation you have to keep going, even if you’re broke, have a bad hair day or other existential issues.

I think I’ll stop here, even though I’m sure I forgot a few things.

Anyway, I don’t regret these last 10 months, they’ve been the best someone can live even though there were lots of ups and downs. A long and busy (or maybe very boring) summer awaits me back home but I already can’t wait to come back home-away-from-home to start this bitter-sweet  madness all over, ’cause I know it’s the best period to live life to the fullest. \(^o^)/

And now for the song of the day to conclude what I’ve been babbling here: