I was stunned when I saw that I had got over 600 clicks on my blog in ONE NIGHT. My first thought was that this was completely impossible because, let’s face it, I’m not that popular (at all!) on the Internetz. So I dug for the stats page on my blog and I found out that the post where I show that picture with Mr. Bean’s “avatar” was the most, if not, the only searched subject that led to my blog.

So there goes my hope: I’m “popular” because of some dum tags. *ROFL* I wonder how many hits I’ll make tonight if I tag this post: prOn, xes, lindsay lohan drugged and naked, or other very dumb and popular search subjects… But I won’t; I’m not that desperate.

…and I should start posting something interesting. >.>


Time off is off

Although I promised to whine talk about how I managed to survive my first exam session after taking the last one, I ended up abandoning the blog for a week and rushing home. And it’s not like I regret it. Obviously, reality is more important and more fun that the Internet.

To make it short: yes, I enjoyed coming back home, seing my old town, meeting my friends back there who are still attending highschool, torturing playing with my funny antisocial dog… Basically, slacking off. Because I deserve it. B-) The vacation seemed quite long, maybe because I actually DID something fun and relaxing. Beside that, I also had time to meditate over things that are noticeable only after you experience them. When you’re in highschool (as in my case) people around you seem that they’re friends with everybody (gangs, groups, clubs), but only when that period ends you realize what and who really mattered. I think that it’s part of the natural selection, you only get what you need. It’s the period when you face the truth behind those “friendship” masks and you notice that you have to do something for yourself in order to keep the pace with the changes.

All in all, this week ended up in a smile. A smile because I realized I made the good choice, because I got what makes me happy, even only for a moment. And I’m not going to loosen my grip from this.

So, that’s it for now. I’m still waiting for my marks and that damned timetable which I hope to get by tomorrow >.< because I am not planning to skip courses from the first day (or others to come).

And if you think I got (again) too emotional in my post, it is because of this: