Finding Shakespeare

I couldn’t help thinking today, during my English literature exam, about how did Shakespeare create his plays. I mean, did he meticulously think about putting a meaning in every phrase, rhyme, word or punctuation? Or he just threw words that apparently created a new meaning… just by luck? Well, only he knows. :/ But anyway, it was a delight for me to write about the lovely devious Lady Macbeth.

This whole thing also reminded me of a pretty funny poem written by (singer/songwriter) Emilie Autumn:


At what point does a Shakespeare say:

I feel it’s time I write a play.

What subject shall it be today?

A tragedy I’ve done.


Lovers twain have been united,

Audiences are delighted,

No doubt I shall soon be knighted.

Royal fame I’ve won.


The Queen has come to every show

And, flattering, she feigns to know

A couplet from a verse, also

A refrain from a rhyme.


But the ones I aim to pleaseth,

Most of all upon my kneeseth,

Are the folk who cough and sneezeth

Through my prose sublime.